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I am crazy and awesome!

This is the amount of groceries I just biked home with. I would like to state that each one one those is full to the brim including my purse which is filled with cans. Not only did I bike home with all these but thanks to WIC and some creative shopping and the joy that is SAVE A LOT I spent only 50 bucks. I would also like to state this is the largest amount I have ever biked home with and made it home.

Star Trek

Star Trek was amazing!!!!! A few issues but to mostly amazing! The characters were done sooo well!
I haven't posted any belly pics on here yet so I thought why not? Plus my most recent one made me gasp. I hadn't noticed how big I had gotten.

5 weeks

7 weeks

10 weeks

15 weeks

18 weeks

Last but not least taken today at 21 weeks!
So yes the week is not over yet but so much has happened that I feel I should break it down for my own piece of mind.
Let's start with Friday since that would make it almost a week. This week was sort of my break since I only had to work one job since the school is on break....all I can say is....what break???
Friday: Cleaned up some, got packed to take Kate to Syracuse and sleepover at Kim's. Rob brought home his old friends Shaun and Malissa. I got to meet them both. Kim and Kate showed up and we randomly shopped about and then jazzed on coffee we headed to Kim's and watched From Hell and then stayed up until 3 am.
Saturday: Woke up at Kim's at 5 am after going to bed at 3 am. We hurriedly got ready and in the car to drive to Syracuse to drop Kate off at the Airport. We helped her find her gate and get checked in before heading back to the car. Then Kim and I made the long drive back. After grocery shopping with Kim, trying to clean my house and getting paperwork done.. I finally crashed and slept for almost 18 hours.
Sunday: Sunday was Easter. I spent it alone, pregnant, sad and all alone, for the first time in my entire life. Rob had to work all day and by the time he came home we were both sad and exhausted. I also realized Sunday that my cousin was still avoiding me and causing drama and whatnot so I decided to confront her.
Monday: I woke up to threats from my cousin and lies being spread about me online by her. I half expected a cop to show up. I also went to Family Dollar and got gardening stuff and started a flower garden to prettify the house.
Tuesday: More cousin drama...blech. More lies spread by her. Went walking around with Jess and got a ton of errands done and also found some amazing finds at the CORC store. Had fun hanging with Jess and realized I missed her a ton. Then had to work 4-8.
Wednesday: Rob and I had a day off together. We spent most of it cuddling in bed, got up, did some work and puttered around the house and then got back in bed...took a nap... got up got dinner at Jrecks....came home ate... and got back in bed to watch Ghost Hunters......so a bed day mostly... I needed one.
Thursday: Today woke up to a phone call telling me I did not get a paycheck yet... that no one had... and that they weren't sure when we would get one. They think by tomorrow...but I am worried. We have 1.08 left in the bank. So I worried most of the day and then had to work 4-8. Hopefully by tommorow....

So that was my week...... crazy....
So I ended up leaving here around 10 am with Odin and met Jess and the kids and Tucker and Toby at their house and then the 2 of us complete with our combined three dogs and four kids (although 2 of them are still inside us) walked down to Stewarts and got snacks and coffee and then split up. She went to the pine street park with her kids and dogs, and me, the baby, and Odin walked downtown to run errands. We went to the bank, the post office and Big M. I decided just on a whim to check the CORC store. It's always like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you totally luck out and sometimes you find nothing. I lucked waaaaaaaaaaaaay out!!!!!
I spent a total of 11 dollars and walked out with a pair of gorgeous wedge sandals, a pair of pink high heeled thong sandals, two really nice summer shirts for Rob, a maternity skirt that is gorgeous and a pink summer dress that perfectly matches the pink sandals and also will work as a maternity dress most of the summer. I love the CORC store. I know so many people who can never find anything there but I think it's a matter of diligence and knowing the thrift store ways. You have to be willing to spend a good amount of time searching every last item and you have to be willing to compromise, like the wedges they are a smidge too big but for a $1.00... who cares!!! They are American Eagle and they are super hot!!!!
Then on the way home I ended up being right at the corner and the exact time Jess and the kids were also heading home so we got to walk back together. It was super fun. I have missed hanging out. I honestly am a slug in the wintertime...when spring comes though I am always outside, so hopefully we will be able to spend a lot more time hanging out!

So here are pics of my super finds!
The pink sandals:

The wedges:

My new skirt:

My new pink dress:

And last but not least Rob's two new summer shirts:

So yay spring and yay new CORC store finds!

Hubby smells like vicks

Lol, as I sit here Rob smells strongly of vicks. He has been battling this cold for some time now. Poor guy.
I have an agenda today:
Go to bank, cash check, ask for coin rolls and blank checks (since I still need to order some).
Go to post office, get 3 stamps.
Somewhere in that get coffee....
Go to Big M, get garbage stickers (finally)
Come home...and sticker all that trash. Long story short we ran out of stickers the day we were cleaning for the inspection so we haven't been able to put it out on the curb. Our upstairs neighbors put it out last week and the guys left us the green notes of warning. Basically "We can't take this unless you spend $1.10 per bag on stickers to make us take it". I hate hate hate the garbage system in town. I am so tempted to find someone to help me take it to the dump.

Maybe it's the cold lonely holiday but...

I finally had decided to overcome my lonely Easter blues and crawl out of bed, I got up got in the shower and wham my breakfast and lunch both decided to make a reappearance. So now shaky and pale and sadly back in bed, I am realizing that I am very aggravated with a lot of my life right now. Since venting is the only way to feel better...here I go.

Here are some things that are making me furious as of late.
1. I am sick of every time I cough, throwing up and every time I sneeze, peeing.
2. I am furious with my father's entire side of the family and the lack of warmth or compassion they have ever been able to show. Even now as I am the first grandchild to have a child of my own my Grandmother remains cold and aloof.
3. On that same line of thought my cousin suddenly decided for no reason to block me on facebook and myspace. Since we haven't had any recent disagreements I can only conclude that my friends and family are right in their guess that she is jealous that I got pregnant after 4 months of trying when she has been trying for over 3 years with no results. That is NOT my fault. I am sorry that she has had trouble getting pregnant but I won't let her make me feel bad for my child's existence. That's sick Sara!
4. I have many friends of all different beliefs and I am always more than open to there religious views and try to never offend or make light of any of their views. Why then do they feel that it is perfectly fine to mock and stomp all over my beliefs. To openly make fun of my most holy holiday. If I hear one more of my friends laugh about "zombie Jesus" day I will probably scream.
5. I am sick of feeling sick. I need to get this house ready for the baby, and I am quickly running out of time. The baby is due in five months.
6. I had to spend the first Easter ever in my life alone with only my puppy for company, because Rob's stupid job made him work.
7. My stupid job cut me down to 12 hours and expects that to be enough.

In the interest of fairness I feel I must also add a few things that have made me feel better as of late.

1. My puppy has been really very helpful and sweet and is trying very hard to be a good boy.
2. Rob is being incredibly sweet and loving to me.
3. Kate and Kim have been awesome and super helpful.

I am

So today after a few weeks of "am I, am I not" and being nine days late. Today Kate convinced me to buy the expensive Clear Blue test. A few minutes later we were in my bathroom testing and in less then five seconds there was a very clear plus sign. So it is official. I am pregnant. I am hoping it's a girl but I would be happy either way. I am going to set up an appointment for 8 weeks. So I have a few weeks to research and be happy before the steady stream of doctors and tests.
So far I have to pee all the time, I am nauseous, and tired all the time. But I am SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!
I am going to be a MOM!!!