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A Wind Up Fish Doesn't Die

Story of a Grown Up Black Sheep

18 September
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Ok so those of you who know me as Shaybe, this is my new journal. It going to be a lot more thought provoking (I hope) and more focused on the world around me and less on myself or at least the unimportant everyday monotony. I will still keep Shaybe up but I won't be writing in it and I hope to slowly transfer over the more deep entries from Shaybe. I chose Wind Up Goldfish for many reasons....most of which would be lost on the common person and really I can only think of three people who might know why I chose that name (Rob, Kate and Colleen). However for the sake of stopping random people asking me why I chose it here are my reasons why.
1. A homage to Red Dwarf. Lister had two robotic fish named McCartney and Lennon.
2. It describes me. I often feel like a fish swimming around in circles running on nothing but wind up power (coffee) and my own will to keep going.
3. I am a fish in God's big fishbowl.
4. I studied Limnology as part of my Bio major and had planned to either get a Masters in Limnology or Ichthyology.
5. A wind up fish can't die. It is immortal.
6. Kate got me a wind up fish for Christmas a few years ago and I love it.
7. Said fish is sitting next to me. It stares with tiny painted eyes.

So anyway.... here are the top ten things you will ever need to know about me.
10. I am very spontaneous and random and really don't like to be defined.
9. I was not loved as a child and therefor have more neuroses than I can count.
8. I have overcome most of said neuroses and am actually a pretty positive and happy person.
7. I am married and madly in love with my husband despite our differences and issues. I would never leave him or hurt him.
6. I am pregnant with our first child and we have a cat we adore but spoiled too much and now he's obnoxious. We also have the best Siberian Husky puppy in the world.
5. I am very very political and will speak my mind on any subject and I don't hold my tongue.
4. I have many amazing friends but some are better then others and some are so awesome that I couldn't imagine life without them. You know who you are.
3. I don't have enemies but there are some people that I can't stand and therefor I stay very far away from them and their drama. You also know who you are.
2. I am a nerd but fashion is a big part of my life. If I could pick one look to wear the rest of my life it would be impossible but I think I could settle on a mix of Classic 40's and Tokyo Trendy. I make a lot of my own clothes and being a big nerd a lot of what I do is costume design and garb making. i was practically born with a needle in my hand
1. Without God I would be nothing. Even though I have walked away from church and a lot of the hypocritical vicious liars that fill said churches I haven't walked away from God and I hope to grow closer to him. I admit I am very busy and don't set aside enough time for God but I hope to remedy this.

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